Our book club

We are a club based at the YMCA - Brno and at the Moravske Gallery of Brno, a space to read, create and share, but most importantly, it is space to expose your children to their native and foreign languages in a natural way. 

We read hand picked stories in different languages both classics and contemporary, to children and their caregivers, and then we create art and crafts related to the stories. Let's develop the habit of reading together. 

We think that stories are a great way of connecting imagination and language development together with sharing time with your little ones. 

Sessions are held every Wednesday at 4:30pm at the Moravske Galerie of Brno - Husova 18 and sporadically at YMCA - Brno, Kounicova 3. Make a reservation here.

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Kounicova 3, Brno Czech Republic. Tel: +420 776746833 aprocbookclub@gmail.com

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